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XM Radio in Supra?!?!

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I am about to get Alpine XM integration kit to put XM in my Supra through my CVA1005... Anyone have any ideas about antenna mounting and how does it mount if anyone knows??? Also, anyone got XM and are they happy with it?? I have head some about Sirius but don't know which would be best... Any ideas would be appreciated.. Thanks..
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Go with XM. Sirius hasn't even launched yet, and I'm still not sure if it ever will! Even XM doesn't seem to be a sure thing...
XM radio most definitely is a "sure thing". At least right now it is. Hell, there is a billion dollars riding on it! No doubt, I firmly believe one of the two digital radio services will go under. I am betting on Sirius because they are so late to come to bat.

As far as the antenna, I would get the Terk "hockey puck" style antenna and mount it on the dash between the two defrost vents. That is where I had my GPS antenna on my Supra.

Another option is between the glass and the rearview mirror mouting arm. You will need to build a "mouting" plate to hold the antenna but it is not too difficult.

Thomas Kenyon
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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