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Does anybody know anything about XS Power Turbo kits for the 94-98 Toyota Supra? Does anybody know if they are going to be making a CARB approved single turbo kit for those of us in California?

Does anybody run an XS Power turbo kit? In stock or you had to wait for them to build you one after you ordered? When you call, do you get a machine or a live person?

I'm looking at these prices for turbo kits, and seriously thinking, why not go single turbo. But then all this stuff pops into my head. CARB smog testing, etc.

What do most of you in Cali do? As soon as a police stops me, he/she is going to send my car to an inspection station, and as soon as they see anything "wild" they go crazy.

I was stopped in one of my other vehicles (thankfully, no visual mods on a V8), and the cop (female) mentions to me it doesn't sound right coming from under the car and to please restart it while standing outside and let her examine the vehicle. I get a bit nervous but hold my calm. Tell her its all stock and just leaking exhaust (yeah, leaking, LOL). She actually crawled under the car to verify I had cats and a muffler. Her exact words: "sounds like you have open catalytic converters". She says: "did you punch them out?". Me: "no maam, totally stock, except a flowmaster". I got off with a bad look. Told her it was just a junky flowmaster making all the noise.

So...I really don't think single turbo, and getting on it and having any fun are going to go together. Suggestions?
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