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xylene vs 110 race fuel

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Has anyone dynoed with both to see if one is any better than the other? Also say you use 5 gal 110 and 5 gal of 93 is the octane you have about 101.5??
I know it is less expensive to go the xylene route
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When you use Xylene you also have to use some mystery oil or something because Xylene will eat away your fuel lines. I have used Xylene ONCE in my car and pretty much decided it SUCKED and will NEVER make that mistake again.

I know you have to use MMO with it. By the way it was good meetng you last week.
MMO is VERY hard on spark plugs. I've heard that synthetic 2-cycle oil works better.
Xylene doesn't necessarily eat away at your fuel lines but it does remove some the piston lubrication. So it would be best to add synthetic 2-cycle oil like pwpanas suggested.
The mix is usually 70% gas - 30%Xylene
For every gallon of Xylene use 5oz. of oil.
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