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Z28 and NOS! Couple questions..

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I know this isn't the forum but I am getting no help. I have a 9728 30th anniv. with the usual mods, borla,chip,k&n. Would I be safe running a 150 shot? I have an auto.. Would it destroy my tranny? ANY help would be appreciated.
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i used to have a 1996 Z28 6speed with 150 shot.
when you say you have a "CHIP" i assume you mean a Hypertech Power Programmer+, right? if you are going to run nitrous, you can leave all of the functions of the HPP+ installed except the power engine tuning. this feature increases the ignition timing which is NOT ideal for nitrous. make sure your car is "TUNED UP" by installing new plugs with a .035-.037 gap (depending on ignition system), a new fuel filter, clean air filter, and run your borla exhaust in the wide open setting with no tuning plate installed. also get all the safety accessories with the N2O kit (purge,heater,FP safety switch, etc)
the amount of wear on your stock transmission and how hard you run the car will determine how long it will last on nitrous. my good friend doesn't have N2O but runs his 95 Z28 HARD and has went through 2-3 trannies. If you need any additional advice or the lowest prices online, email me at [email protected]
Thanks for the response. By CHIP that is what I meant, just didn't feel like writing all that. I only have 26,000 miles on the car. If it's going to cause A LOT of wear and tear on the tranny I probably won't do it. Is it easier on a 5 or 6spd tranny? It's just so damn slow and I want some extra power without spending 2 or 3 grand. Where could I take it too be tuned? I am in Utah.. Could I take it too chevy? Would they know what to do? Thanks for the help.
check your email.
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